Keep your tummy, butt and legs in shape with BBB Workout for Women.

Do you want to work with your stomach, buttocks and legs in a targeted way? Then BBB training at Combat & Fitness Academy is exactly what you are looking for. In this challenging program you will follow circuit training in different rooms. With a training schedule you work on the muscles in your abdomen, buttocks and legs.

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You are not committed to anything in our gym. Based on Pay2Play you determine how much you pay and when you come to exercise. This is how it works: for € 12.50 you register (once) and receive a sports pass. You then upgrade this whenever you want. With the pass you have access to our classes and our fitness rooms.

Do you want to register at Combat & Fitness Academy? You are welcome every day in our professional and hospitable gym on the Herculesstraat in Alkmaar.

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