Combat & Fitness Academy works on the basis of Pay2Play.

You are not bound by anything in our professional and hospitable gym. For € 12.50 you get a sports pass, which you can top up whenever you want. With the pass you have access to all our classes and fitness equipment. Don't have time to exercise? At Combat & Fitness Academy you never have monthly subscription costs with the tickets. Fitness subscription are possible from 18 years and older.

Costs and possibilities Fitness
Subscription fitness
Adults € 40,- a month 

Tickets fitness
1 ticket € 5,-
10 tickets € 45,- (€4,50)
20 tickets € 80,- (€4,-)
40 tickets € 140,- (€3,50)

Subscriptions Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Adults € 40,- a month
Kids € 30,- a month
Combination with fitness subscription € 60,- a month

Interested in Pay2Play at Combat & Fitness Academy?
Whether you go for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, self defense or fitness; Combat & Fitness Academy makes sports accessible to everyone. Do you want to sign up for Pay2Play? You will find our gym on the Herculesstraat in Alkmaar.

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