Do you often feel unsafe or insecure in certain situations?

With a training in self-defense you take matters into your own hands. At Combat & Fitness Academy we teach you everything about safety and resilience. You work on your self-confidence and practice with different self-defense techniques. The target? Experience that you are in control in every situation, so that you can walk the streets confidently again.

Learn to defend yourself and at the same time work on your fitness.

At Combat & Fitness Academy, classes in self-defense not only consist of techniques, but also of BBB training (Belly, Butt, Legs). This way you maintain your focus and also build muscle strength. You also get to know your own strengths and to use them in potentially dangerous situations.

What can you expect from self-defense at Combat & Fitness Academy?
During the lessons we focus on your self-confidence, safety and resilience. All adult women (regardless of age or fitness) can participate in the program.

  • You learn effective and simple defense techniques
  • Set boundaries? That will soon no longer be a problem for you
  • You can recognize dangerous situations in time
  • You also immediately know how to act if you are in danger
  • You use your posture and appearance as a weapon
  • With BBB training (Abdomen, Buttocks, Legs) you build muscle strength
  • You discover what strength you already have - in addition to muscle strength

Do you want to get started with self-defense in a fun and sporty way? Register at Combat & Fitness Academy. In our gym you train based on Pay2Play. You decide when you top up your sports pass. Knowing more?

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